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Happy Halloween!

I really don’t know why I drew this…probably wanted to subconsciously take a break from drawing large chests. Also wanted to toy around with different coloring schemes; this one looks sort of retro. Swear to god, I will spend a … Continue reading

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Getting off my ass

Bigger resolution here This isn’t the usual sketch a day, since I forgot about everything that I wanted to draw, and I really wanted to finish this drawing. I started this one way back about two years but didn’t really … Continue reading

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I have a thing for red hair

Despite having never played the game and having next to no knowledge about it, I was very enamored with Ignis’ design. Hell, I just like whatever the artist, Niθ, does. Having posted examples of my stuff with the 20% opacity … Continue reading

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A running theme

I’ve been noticing multiple trends amongst the drawings that I’ve been putting up. I wonder what they could be… I had a difficult time trying to find the proper balance of realism, appeal, and weight on the breasts. Her right … Continue reading

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Coming home from work

Sometimes, you just have to cry. This was a result of a silly conversation with friends after I designed ridiculous horns on a character.

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Not canon

A friend told me the bust sizes I draw are never canon. Even for my own characters. I sketched this one up surprisingly fast, even with using a reference. However, I kind of lost it and spent too much time … Continue reading

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Death in the family

Despite getting a phone call yesterday during work about some urgent matter and returning back to work to stay in until 6:30 am, I managed to still poop out a crude sketch. I think I spent more time on the … Continue reading

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Not working

I enjoy Working!! since it’s a silly slice of life, but fairly inoffensive. Anyway, this was done during my weekly Sunday streams, at I still need to learn to not be so tense during them…

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On real medium for once

A quick sketch for today; pretty boring. Nothing much to say.

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Not imitating Dan Kim

I have to get up at 5 am for some crappy family-favor job, so I didn’t spend much time on this. When it comes down to it, making pleasing shapes with just black is kind of hard, since you can’t … Continue reading

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