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I don’t draw canon bust sizes

Still taking it kind of easy (not really). My mind is out of it right now, and I didn’t feel like doing much. I’ll swear I’ll do some study sketches tomorrow, despite them being annoying. I actually imagined a dragon … Continue reading

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I forgot my glasses at home yesterday, forcing me to work at the office with only my sunglasses on, which left me unable to actually draw in the office, since I can’t see through IPS monitors with the sunglasses. Also, … Continue reading

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I’m typing this as I stream.

Hi guys. Today’s stream was not planned at all. Hell, I haven’t even thought about drawing Salvatore in a while. It was also done without reference, so I’m sorry that it doesn’t look like her at all; I just can’t … Continue reading

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Why does Posemaniacs keep giving me ass poses?

I’m trying my hardest to not skip the random poses that come up, but come on. More than half of these things are from the butt. I also scribbled in a random Kokonoe, so then I figured I might as … Continue reading

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Best trainer ever

Too bad I don’t give a damn about the franchise. Taking it easy today; I think I’ll double on back to more studies tomorrow.

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So, along came Thanksgiving

Mine was alright. I think I slept a lot. I kept today’s sketch rather short since I did have some family over. My niece was watching me draw, so I drew that penguin, Pororo, which apparently is ridiculously popular in … Continue reading

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Mashing on Posemaniacs

Anyone who has been drawing for a while should know about Posemaniacs. I gave it a shot today. I was going to make an extended rant/exposition tonight, but I need to sort my thoughts out on the matter. By the … Continue reading

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So many bullets.

I’m really sorry about the quality of today’s sketch; I’d redo it, but I really have nothing in my head to make up for it. But anyway, my European (and region-free) copy of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu came in yesterday. I’ve already … Continue reading

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I still don’t know the name of the series that I watched that day

I was listening to the opening song for the last, I don’t know, three months? I have the single on loop while at work. I really hate drawing clouds; did you know that?

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Please don’t kill me for this pun

Bigger resolution here Coming from the Sunday livestreams, today was especially dedicated to Miku, for obvious reasons. I also learned today how to draw a pear and a bear! The things you take away from these streams.

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