Still working late.


I was very graciously given a very sexy and awesome drawing of one of my characters, so today’s sketch is dedicated towards him. Because his own abilities vastly outstrip mine, I tried to put a little extra effort into this one today. I also do agree that Breath of Fire II’s Nina is no doubt one of the best jRPG character designs ever.
I’m working really late in the office these days, so doing these sketches are taking a toll on me. This sketch is shows me being both too lazy and too attentive, so it feels really uneven and sloppy, ugh.

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I like horns.
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3 Responses to Still working late.

  1. Wow, hes pretty good. Would he mind if you told me his name?

    Yours is cool too, personally I like your stuff better.

  2. Lazer22 says:

    man you beat yourself up more then me but your stuff is way cooler then what i draw lol. Im glad someone else has grown to like your characters/art to the point where there doing fanart and i would do one too but i dont want to hurt yours or my eyes with how bad it would look XD.

  3. DarkKlade says:

    I find it kind of stupid that I didn’t notice the office lady was your character, even though you have said it on posts I have commented on. I kind of agree with you that is picture is uneven, the face and hair is pretty much near print quality, the chest is of a pretty good quality but less than the face and then it goes into the sketch/speed paint realm pretty much for everything else. The actual drawing holds up well though, just the colours that are uneven. I really do like the colours of her face though.

    That fan art is awesome, do you mind sharing who drew it?

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