So, along came Thanksgiving

Mine was alright. I think I slept a lot.
I kept today’s sketch rather short since I did have some family over. My niece was watching me draw, so I drew that penguin, Pororo, which apparently is ridiculously popular in Korea right now.

I wanted to make a rant today, though. It’s after the break.

I originally started this blog because I really did want to become serious in taking steps to improving myself. However, I think I’ve lost sight of that. Lately, I was starting to stress over about things that I should draw next and worrying about if my sketch didn’t look good, etc. I forgot my original purpose and ended up drawing only things that I wanted to make me look good.
Back a few years ago, when drawing was more of a thing on the side for me, and I had less time to draw, my main goal was to only draw really perfect and polished drawings. I didn’t want to sketch because I only had so little time, so I only focused on doing what I knew would look good. From that, I developed my ethos of drawing, which is to give nothing more than one hundred percent effort into my drawings. Anything bad-looking would be unacceptable.
This got me fairly far with how I did art. People like my drawings and I felt comfortable in my ranges. Unfortunately, it became somewhat of a crutch, because I was increasingly becoming unwilling to do things outside of my skill set and to improve.

I was spiraling down in just general anger and irritation at myself for the last two weeks. I wanted to draw things beyond what I’ve been doing lately, but I need practice. However, I needed to be able to draw such things in the first place in order to practice. Some Catch-22.
I always felt like I was the weakest and most inflexible out of my peers and just really desperately wanted to catch up. It got to the point where I started getting angry at other people for no good reason other than because I thought their art was better than mine.

That’s the point of me starting to do these study sketches. I’ll still be drawing pretty girls with large breasts in skimpy clothing, and I’ll still continue to draw the things with focused effort. However, I will continue for as long as I can to mash out poses and and gestures in order to overcome my weaknesses in dynamic angles and complex compositions.

As my friend and co-worker put it, you need time to improve, but you also need time to maintain yourself.

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8 Responses to So, along came Thanksgiving

  1. AC says:

    Awesome! Best rant so far bro.

    I feel like I am where you were a few years ago, I have little time and I want my art to look spick and span and throughly refined even though I am a novice.

    I have realized however; that lately I gave up trying to be too anal about my outcomes and trying to just relax and have fun, sketch, keep it loose and try to avoid adding too many lines. Its been doing wonders for me. I’m stoked to read this entry of yours, I think its a great step you’re taking, love your streams and art (btw, how do you manage to mash those giant boobeez on those small frames, every time I try it looks waaayyy offf).

    I wish you the best of luck (and to myself =P…lol), I have my own blog, and I have been following another website with regards to doing the basics. I’ll have to be more devoted and do the “sketch a day” as you have been doing. Also, kudos on going strong for over 40 days.

    Well, happy thanks giving. And best of luck/progress on your artistic journey.

    Looking forward to the next stream.


  2. Good for you! :thumbsup:

  3. Hamblasto says:

    I can’t wait to see what you can put out when you mix dynamic angles and complex compositions with large breasts in skimpy clothing.

  4. Brett says:

    I understand your frustrations and can definitely relate. All I have to say is keep working hard, practicing, and to not give up. And of course good luck. 🙂

  5. DarkKlade says:

    I like seeing your sketchy work, I think the more you do the better and faster you’ll be at it and also it will come easier to you. Of course I love the polished work but I was expecting more sketches like this when this sketch-a-day began, I didn’t think you were going to have such polished stuff all the time. This is your blog, your sketch-a-day, you can do whatever you want with it, I’m just glad you still put the sketch-a-day signature thing at the bottom most of the time.

  6. elephantintheroom says:

    Hello eu03. First time commentator long time… Fan? Stalker? I’m never sure which to refer to myself as but pick whichever one makes you feel flattered. Anyhow Just found out about this blog through the visublog stream and I find it very neat!

    Honestly I recently took up drawing/art seriously a couple of months ago (I am a computer scientist by trade, not an artist/illustrator/etc) and I find the idea of seeing your processes during streams and sketches to be inspiring, to say the least.

    (hope I’m not getting to flowery here)

    Anyhow given that you’re doing a daily sketch deal you might be interested in checking out
    if you’re ever at a lose for subject matter. There are a number of different subreddits that I peruse/participate in that has helped me out quite a bit. Anyhow good luck and god speed!

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