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How does she pick her nose

Man, I don’t know how many times I redrew that arm until I just decided to have her dropping it. Same with the face Anyway, it’s yet another standard pose, etc, etc. I’m still feeling pretty blah today, though it … Continue reading

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What are you staring at?

Oh geez. I’ll admit, I had my head buried in my arms and moaned quietly for about an hour because I simply could not produce anything. I felt really miserable. Eventually, I sort of bumbled my way through a sketch … Continue reading

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Day out

I was out for the day with several friends I haven’t seen in a while, so I just brought along my sketchbook. Still really bad at trying to pick subjects to draw when out in the open.

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Shadow play

I wanted to crack down on a substantial sketch today, but I ended up geting caught in some work and also throwing out stuff that I started on. I just did some quick study with silhouettes. Working with silhouettes is … Continue reading

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It’s like I’m really cosplaying

Credits for the source photo goes to my friend and whoever was this pretty girl. I will admit that I cheated a bit to get some of the facial proportions right, but the coloring part wasn’t too bad. My main … Continue reading

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One for the gentlemen, I guess?

If you’re into horns as much as I am, though. Sorry about cutting the stream so short today, but it is Christmas after all. I ended up just completely redrawing the original picture…

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One for the ladies

Wait, are there any who look at this blog? In any case, I drew this one with a certain female friend in mind…though she likes them older. Anyway, Merry Christmas. I hope you all got something that you wanted. I … Continue reading

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Don’t think about it

Because yes, what you’re probably thinking where I cropped the sketch off is probably correct. I had not much time to commit to a drawing today, so I did a quick…something.

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No clouds here

Finally, something more appropriately themed for the winter. Despite my tendencies to use reds when I color, I really do love the look of deep and cold blues. I really should do more with blue… The way I use openCanvas … Continue reading

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Well, I didn’t lie. I spent over three hours trying some coloring bits, painting over the same picture three times. It got pretty tedious by the second hour, though. Head past the break to see them all in larger resolutions; … Continue reading

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