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not touhou
Bigger resolution here
Honestly, does anyone still remember Rozen Maiden? I only read a very tiny bit of it, but I was really enamored with Suigintou’s design (who wasn’t)? I do remember that before every artist was drawing silly Touhou material, they were drawing Rozen Maiden to fulfill their frills and ruffles quota.

First time drawing her though, so it doesn’t quite really catch the feeling of the character. Once again, I put a little too much attention to the breasts…
Lately, I’ve been a little confused about how I color. Some people say that I do it like watercolor, but I think they look more like markers. Maybe I should actually learn how to use markers one day.

Oh yeah, stream is on at 7pm this time tomorrow, so that’s 2 hours earlier than the usual!

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6 Responses to Insert a Dan Kim joke here

  1. Emi says:

    Really?! This for sketch a day?! I can’t stop staring 😀 I wonder how much time you put into this, but more specifically if you were satisfied with the time you spent. I love the bloom-like colouring you’ve been using lately, and ooo that dress, the feeling captured ❤ You could tell me whatever flaws you find in this piece, but I could tell you I don't think people are really going to notice. D:

  2. AC says:

    Wow amazing sketch! Well done. d(*- *)b.

  3. XPI Sigma says:

    Very nice. Yeah I don’t see much new rozen maiden fan art anymore.

  4. DarkKlade says:

    This was a great SAD, a lot of goodness went into this. The ruffles on her sleeves are a great touch and with the lines getting looser at the bottom of the dress it gives it a nice hazy look to it, especially in combination with feathers. I would usually say that your colouring can have both a marker and watercolour look to it (more watercolour because of the white lighting usually used) but this piece looks very digital to me. All round greatness I’d say.

  5. Ray says:

    I just discovered your site, and this artwork of Rosen Maiden remind me the good time I have wathcing this anime.

  6. Alandra Johnston says:

    Im reading this mange right now and i thought she looked a bit off lol, but i love your version way more. Im a fellow artist and i gotta say, im a bit jealous of your skills. Im super good but i tend to screaw up on coloring. I think the breast look fine, but yeah you so gotta be a guy huh lol? I just found out about your site and i totally love it. So pleeeaaaasssseeee message me on facebook or email me some time, i so want to learn more from you please

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