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Apologies once again

Um, yeah. Milk. Uh, I ended up spending around 4 hours on a completely separate drawing for someone else. However, it’s not meant to be posted. I’ll do better tomorrow. Maybe.

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Happy Birthday?

Someone told me it’s Luka’s birthday. Is this true? I kind of regret committing to this sketch for the stream, because I sort of wanted to draw something else and the pose was giving me a headache. However, I do … Continue reading

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Still not moving on

I don’t know anymore. Sorry for slacking off lately. Today’s drawing is actually part of a larger drawing, if you couldn’t guess. However, I’m not going to upload the full image. Cheers. And no, I couldn’t figure out how to … Continue reading

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Another 60 second blitz this morning, which I planned to go on much longer. Except the site decided to go down after the 8th pose.

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Yes, I did this in the morning. 60 second gestural studies at pixelovely. I had to stop because my neck cramped up from trying to draw without glasses.

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Not exactly aerodynamic

Well, I wanted to draw horns, but I also felt lazy about picking a new subject. Combine the two, and you get this. I based the design off her original costume, though it feels a little plain, probably because she … Continue reading

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Blowing off steam

Err, I guess this is what they do after the event? Regardless, drawing more intimate poses like this is fairly decent practice for understanding body mechanics and expressing through body poses. This particular sketch took me quite a while to … Continue reading

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Taking a break

Taking it easy for now; I’m pretty tired, especially after last week. Since red here seems to be the fan favorite, I just decided to make a light sketch of her. I used a much different brush to do this … Continue reading

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Meant to be sketch 100

Click for larger version. Finally finished this arghhhhhhhh. Someone give me names for these girls. I think my favorite is the teal, though it seems no one is giving love to blue ;_;. What’s your favorite?

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I thought I could finish this in a timely fashion, but it ended up taking more than an hour per character, so… I’ll have something to do for the stream tomorrow! Which is on for 7pm PST. And someone remind … Continue reading

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