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Sorry, Ippus

Larger resolution here. My attempt at Ippus’ fairy tale girl, this time with a rendition of Red Riding Hood. This time, I chose to stay a bit more on model, but I’ll have to tone it to be even remotely … Continue reading

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Sorry, Doom

Another bastardization, this time of Doom’s character. Also, garterbelts are sexy.

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Sorry, Pascal

Another one of Pas’ characters, again. It’s pretty messy; maybe I should have made the lines darker? Also: My butt is still sore from sitting for three hours at figure drawing. Does anyone have any tips to not make it … Continue reading

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I needed to sit down and concept some colors out. Unfortunately, I only know how to use white, black, and gold. I also drew Pas’ character, again, for the hell of it.

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Can’t remember the last time I drew a fat person

Well, not really fat. More like just old and had a paunch going on. From tonight’s class. It was a transition from gestural to tertiary shapes. Obligatory Miku:

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More Homework

Guhh, more not-so-interesting homework for my class. In other news, I still don’t know how to use pchat.

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Guess what came in the mail today?

She’s not a Vita-tan. Only sponsored by Sony. Though I drew the Feisar machine in the background, I actually did not buy WipEout 2048. I did play a few rounds of HD on the PS3, if that counts. Anyway, so … Continue reading

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