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I figure I should draw something with fan service, because I notice my view count drops like I rock when I don’t. This one was based on a suggestion. I’ve actually never drawn Morrigan proper, I think. I think she’s … Continue reading

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More studies

Nothing much to say, just doing some more homework.

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Slamming my face against the wall

I think this is the first time I’ve been just really frustrated and overwhelmed with the stuff I’ve been trying to sift through for my class. I blame myself for not keeping up with the recommended coursework, but all the … Continue reading

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Why is she not smiling?

Larger resolution here. I’ve been increasingly been using the airbrush tool to do some of the tones/highlights. Usually, I’ll frown upon the use of it, but it seems to be pretty effective when used just enough in conjunction with harder … Continue reading

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Work related?

Had this idea circulating in my head for a while as an excuse to do more Skullgirls fanart. I wanted to try to get around to doing more of the characters, but we’ll see if time allows.

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Oily complexion

Just doing some coloring from tonight’s stream. Not quite done yet, but it’s almost there; should be finished by tomorrow. Doing the oily look was curiously pretty hard for me this time around. Also, the massive size of her torso … Continue reading

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What are hands?

Seriously, what are those things? In other news, looks like I’ll be coloring for the stream tomorrow. Reminder that it’s at 9:30pm, PST.

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Completely clothed

Foreshortening is a real killer with poses like these.

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Just focusing on last week’s notes about shoulders and backs. I hate drawing ellipses.

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I really should finish my homework

I got caught up with some other endeavors this evening… and I’m still behind on my class work. I’ll probably finish this up later, but I need to snap myself back to do more studies rigorously.

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