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Insert fanfare

Hey, we’re at two hundred! Not that it actually means anything, so I tried to finish up this Miku butt. I’ll try to refine it some more tomorrow, because it looks icky at the moment.

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Man, did I just end up drawing them bigger? Debating if I want to color this or Miku for tomorrow…hm.

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Just one of those days.

Sorry about that folks, but can’t really show this one.

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The title of the post has nothing to do with the drawing; I’ve just been listening to the song a lot (the Eurovision 2010 winner). Something tells me that the legs should be longer. Getting that twist of the torso … Continue reading

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How do I dress

Not entirely sure how to do the whole drapery thing… I wonder what would be the best way to make of references for this. Also, this is the worst Kuroneko I’ve drawn. But I’ve only drawn two, so…?

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Magica Warfare

Since a friend requested that this be turned into a shirt for him to start printing out, I decided to go back and clean it up. It’s just at the right size for a convention print. Noticeable improvements is me … Continue reading

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Eghhh, I guess I’m done with this one. Though I think I should redo some of the highlights on her breasts still. Maybe I’ll do a Miku next?

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I guess this is going to be one of those three-day projects. Still feel a bit lost when doing the colors, but I think I now have a much better grasp of how to shape the highlights to really emphasize … Continue reading

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I wish I didn’t have to admit that it took a depressingly long amount of time to get just the proper shape of those breasts.

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Lack of sleep

So tired. I need to start running in the mornings or something.

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