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Not much to say, other than that I’m slowly plugging away at this. I’d like to work on it some more tonight, but I really need to fix my terrible sleep schedule.

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Bunch of smoke

So, my Internet cut out again until around 3 am or so, so I was mucking around with more con preparation stuff until then. Getting kind of the hang of diffusion, but still really struggling with hard edges in the … Continue reading

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I’m going to count this as a sketch

After all, I’m doing a bit of editing here and there to the older drawings. Anyway, these are rough (probably final) spreads for the book I’m trying to get done. Now that I think about it, it might be kind … Continue reading

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No short hair

Couldn’t figure out where to put the sisters. Planning to do finish this up by Anime Expo…though someone did point out the similarities of this drawing to another one, so now I’m just really depressed.

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Pretend it’s Akai Katana

What happens when I play the game and can’t get past stage 4. Just doing some more studies. This one was definitely harder since it was less hard shapes and more diffusion, so I didn’t go too in detail with … Continue reading

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Pretend it’s a dog

I’ve been meaning to do some explosion studies for at least two weeks now, but I finally got around to doing it. It’s really no different than rendering clouds, but this time I definitely tried to take things in a … Continue reading

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Maybe I should draw a dog or something

Well, I hope every one has a good Memorial Day weekend! And if you don’t live in the States, then too bad, I suppose. In other news, Akai Kanata came in the other day, and I’m finding it extremely fun … Continue reading

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No Internet

Uploading this from my phone. Service outage still at my house. I don’t know how this will look, so here is some skin. Edit: After I took all the trouble to transfer and get FTP working on my phone and … Continue reading

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No time to Diablo

Can’t afford time to play all these gosh darn new games if I’m struggling to draw a decent pair of breasts. Once you pass a certain threshold in size, it becomes a very weird balance for appeal and suspension of … Continue reading

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Not really flat

I actually finished this last night, but the internet cut out right when I was going to hit submit. I kind of regret the way I did the ties on her top. Tried to throw in some cheap values, but … Continue reading

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