I should take a break

I wish I was saying a break from drawing, but I meant the subject matters as of late, actually.
I think I’ll try to transition to doing some landscapes, after I finish with some things on my to-do list this week.

About EU03

I like horns.
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5 Responses to I should take a break

  1. Morzas says:

    Should we be able to see her sideboob if her upper torso is leaned down and to the left?

    • EU03 says:

      A good chunk of her profile is still visible, so why not? Though I probably should have made some adjustments, but that’s too late.

  2. lazer22 says:

    nice shine on the shoes! yes…thats all ill say…

  3. Hamblasto says:

    Know what’d make this better? Socks. :3

    …and Haku. :3c

  4. Emi says:

    I’m usually not as interested as the others are when it comes to pinups, but the way you coloured her legs and shoes somehow especially catches my eye. I’ve also noticed that you’re going with less contrast while shading hair nowadays, they seem darker or more matte. o:

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