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No photos!!

Well, the first day of Anime Expo came and passed by; sales were a tad bit disappointing, but it usually always is the first day. A typical problem I seem to started having since two years or so were people … Continue reading

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Off to Anime Expo

Spent most of yesterday in the car to finish getting ready for AX, so… I drew this in the car. Also, the book isn’t getting done. By Anime Expo, anyway. It’s pretty crappy, but some things really sprung up on … Continue reading

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Round and Round

Taking it easy today; trying to get myself mentally prepared for the coming days. Played some IIDX today, drew one of my most favorite characters ever, Sakura. I used to draw her all the time back in the day, so … Continue reading

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My sleep schedule is ruined

I’ve been listening to the Ouendan OSTs lately. Man, the nostalgia just flooding in; they were pretty excellent collections, too. Meanwhile, I continue to make bad decisions with my money. We’ll see how this weekend fares for me.

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Screw hands

Well, didn’t exactly get around to finishing it by the end of the night, but most of it is there. Aside from the lack of a background. I also really need to fix my sleep.

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Doyora and I finally made our last passes on this drawing, so it’s safe to say that it’s finished. Most of the credit goes to him for really fixing up a bunch of crap that I couldn’t figure out towards … Continue reading

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