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No photos!!

Well, the first day of Anime Expo came and passed by; sales were a tad bit disappointing, but it usually always is the first day. A typical problem I seem to started having since two years or so were people … Continue reading

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Off to Anime Expo

Spent most of yesterday in the car to finish getting ready for AX, so… I drew this in the car. Also, the book isn’t getting done. By Anime Expo, anyway. It’s pretty crappy, but some things really sprung up on … Continue reading

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Round and Round

Taking it easy today; trying to get myself mentally prepared for the coming days. Played some IIDX today, drew one of my most favorite characters ever, Sakura. I used to draw her all the time back in the day, so … Continue reading

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My sleep schedule is ruined

I’ve been listening to the Ouendan OSTs lately. Man, the nostalgia just flooding in; they were pretty excellent collections, too. Meanwhile, I continue to make bad decisions with my money. We’ll see how this weekend fares for me.

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Screw hands

Well, didn’t exactly get around to finishing it by the end of the night, but most of it is there. Aside from the lack of a background. I also really need to fix my sleep.

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Doyora and I finally made our last passes on this drawing, so it’s safe to say that it’s finished. Most of the credit goes to him for really fixing up a bunch of crap that I couldn’t figure out towards … Continue reading

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Why am I making my life harder?

Is this going to be a part of something else? Even I don’t know!

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I need to stop playing so much Call of Duty

I’ve been trying this random daily stream thing, and this was part of today’s. I’ll try to work out something more regular, but these are strictly informal streams. Anyway, I finally got my book ready to be printed; I’m not … Continue reading

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Nothing to talk about

Yeah, I don’t really know what is going on in this picture.

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