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It’s so easy to be lazy

Oh, those moments where you try to do something with effort, but it pretty much flounders about. I really need to rethink about how I draw faces, because they increasingly make less sense the more I try to render it.

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Completely non-supportive

Kind of wanted to do a classy drawing today…and I made it not classy at all. Regardless, Rozalin is the classiest lady ever. Maybe I’ll give it another shot at coloring, since I was running out of time tonight, but … Continue reading

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Mirror matches

So I guess Shadow Labrys mirror matches are pretty annoying? Yes, I am still trying to figure out how to draw this style. Also, stream tomorrow night, around the same time, though I DO need to get to bed by … Continue reading

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So, I guess P4A is out

Got back home pretty late, since I was over at a friend’s with some Persona 4 Arena going on. So here’s a kind of crappy Aegis that took too long to draw.

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Back to work, again

Today some changes to my usual schedule again. It will be for a bit until I get completely used to it. Or I can just keep having a really stupid sleep schedule. Also, breasts.

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So, because of the wildly varying levels of detail across the reference pictures I was using of Kooh, I’m pretty sure this is not accurate. Still kind of struggling with how my colors have the lighting too evenly spread out. … Continue reading

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No, it’s not not-loli week

Oh god, I could never truly get into Pangya because of inane difficulty of the later courses. The characters were charming, though. Yes, pretend Kooh has several years added on to her. That other outfit makes her not innocent at … Continue reading

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Not yuri week

Guess where her other hand is? Also, who is on top?

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Pretend she aged another couple hundred years. I really need to work on rendering clothing.

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Well, several people had to go and remind me that it was Azusa’s birthday during flat week. Since drawing her would have been breaking the rules of said week, I went ahead and drew it for today. Perspective is not … Continue reading

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