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At least it’s pretty colorful

With that, that should be the last of the stuff from Disgaea week that I’m going to bother to go over. My friend brought up a good point about doing some better value planning and studying before leaping into constructing … Continue reading

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Duct tape

Impossibly large breasts? Check. Mangled hands? Check. Hastily drawn clothing (and frills)? Check. All kidding aside, I think Luna’s a really fun design to draw, and that’s not just because she has almost no clothes on. She’s simply a character … Continue reading

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Straight out of a shoujo manga

Well, not really. Kind of messing around with Xsplit today, so I was streaming while drawing this, which usually makes my drawings ten times crappier. Speaking of videos and junk, my art has been featured in Xie’s latest Persona 4 … Continue reading

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Her butt is not augmented

100% natural. Well, I went ahead and drew a back! I still managed to sneak in a breast, though. I would have normally done this in the 13% opacity pen, but I felt a bit more loose today.

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Talked WAY too much during today’s stream, so I didn’t get anything done! She still looks kind of weird. Maybe too many clothes.

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Sometimes, a hand is just a hand

Yeah, practicing hands. Maybe.

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Hyper genki squirrel girl

And this ends kemonomimi week. I apologize for it being pretty lackluster since I was mashing on other projects this week. Makoto is interesting to draw because you always want to get that particular angle that best exemplifies her assets, … Continue reading

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No home to go to

I think the obvious choice to today’s draw was to draw something like Makoto or Kokonoe, but I really wanted to try fleshing out this character some more. She looks to have a sad back story. ;____;

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Look, I’m in Dan Kim mode. I drew her as sort of a counterpart to the previous white rabbit I drew, after an interesting discussion about a possible back story. She seems to be the opposite of the other girl, … Continue reading

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Itty bitty

Something something. Quick values for tonight, since I was busy with other work. I have no idea if she should be blond or white-haired, since she’s never been in color. What do you think?

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