It should be illegal to cut hair short.

See also: Nisemonogatari

Kind of busy today, and I want to get to bed earlier, so here’s a quickie.

It’s also my birthday (or at least 30 minutes ago)! I expect lots of presents at my doorstep (or PayPal account), so don’t disappoint.

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I like horns.
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10 Responses to It should be illegal to cut hair short.

  1. Hamblasto says:

    How about an offering of gold?


  2. Prinny says:

    Happy birthday! I’ll be sending you money soon anyway. 😀

  3. chrispylays says:

    I’ll send you an offering and someone’s soul.

  4. ma5h says:

    Did you mwnage to wangle the ice cream and cat maids I mentioned yesterday.

  5. Dark Klade says:

    Haircuts are one thing but what I can’t take is glasses come of and suddenly the character is so much more attractive. Screw that! Also Happy Belated birthday, I performed some mid level alchemy and have increased your natural life by an additional 106 months, so long live Eu.

  6. Delicious says:

    A little belated, but I figured I would do a little something:

  7. JI says:

    Short hair rocks, fuck you.

    • Dark Klade says:

      it’s not short hair that’s the problem is the transition from long haired character to short haired character that makes it aggravating. At least that’s what I think he was getting at.

  8. JI says:

    Short-hair fucks rock you.

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