Duct tape

Impossibly large breasts? Check. Mangled hands? Check. Hastily drawn clothing (and frills)? Check.

All kidding aside, I think Luna’s a really fun design to draw, and that’s not just because she has almost no clothes on. She’s simply a character that exudes a lot of energy, so I tried to match that.
Also, this is the rare occasion where I have NOT used a photo reference to help me this time; though I finagled with a Figma to help me out a bit. I need to wean off relying on finding poses, urgh.

About EU03

I like horns.
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3 Responses to Duct tape

  1. Dark Klade says:

    Why wouldn’t see be smiling and full of energy, she has pair of cool guns and her own gravity field that enables her to walk around with relative ease. For some reason these boobs look pretty big (even though you’ve drawn waaaaay bigger).

  2. Hamblasto says:

    You might want to not work off reference more often. This picture looks great.

    As you mentioned, it is a bit rough in spots, but you definitely succeeded in capturing her energy.

    Also, dat maebari. :3c

  3. lazer 22 says:

    i thought that was the girl from vanguard princess! i had to look her up cuse its been awhile since i fired the game up and i had forgotten her name….i actually like your version of her here then her ingame one lol

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