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So, Looper is a pretty good film

Nothing really substantial today, just needed to relax a bit. May is turning out to be difficult, since I don’t know how to draw: 1) The hat 2) Her hair 3) Her dress (at this angle) 4) Everything Well, see … Continue reading

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Just some practice

Rough day in general today, so managed to get a quick sketch going before hitting the sack. Man, I haven’t drawn Iroha in so long.

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Work is killing me, so here’s a “quick” sketch for the night. I need to pass out in a bit. Also, I hate hats.

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Avoiding the wrath of Ishiwatari

I fixed the guitar. Larger resolution here. Fewer options left; who to try next?

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Maybe I should have just drawn Garfield. My desktop today not only did the equivalent of shitting the bed, but also decided to vomit blood everywhere. I spent over four hours today trying to diagnose and attempting to fix, which … Continue reading

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When I found out I drew the wrong guitar

I cried a little. I couldn’t finish this one tonight, since I have to turn in early for work this week. I’ll get it tomorrow…I think.

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Larger resolution here. Why is it that Sunday is usually my worst stream days? Due to certain things, I had to limit myself a bit, so I made a rough sketch of Sol and tried to color in this style. … Continue reading

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The most moe girl in Guilty Gear

Larger resolution here. Yeah, I didn’t add the bear because it was ruining the composition. I’m not going to make any further comments about this one, since I know you guys are loaded with them.

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More like Filia, am I right

Guilty Gear month (??) continues. Larger resolution here. I totally embarrassed myself on stream by being unable to draw her legs of the right size, but we all worked together to fix that! Also, how do I draw hair. Maybe … Continue reading

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Very unladylike

Larger resolution here. Actually, I think I made her more womanly than she usually does. I kind of screwed up this one since I drew a bit too big, meaning the pen I was using turned out to be a … Continue reading

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