One of those times

You know those occasions where you finish a drawing and you have no idea how you managed to actually do it?
Well, yeah.

Finally managed to finish that clothing rendering. it’s not perfect, but I finally settled on an approach that worked for me well; I was previously thinking about the diffusion too hard and realized cutting harder edges would be simpler and better looking. As for the rest of the drawing, the blue lighting was a bit cheaply done, I admit, and the skin still has some blemishes that I should probably fix, but I’m too tired to do so anymore. Hair is a bit sloppy, too…

About EU03

I like horns.
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2 Responses to One of those times

  1. Dark Klade says:

    It’s finally finished and I love the outcome. My favourite parts have to be her abdominal section, her lips and the shading in/around them and the general glow her skin gives off. It’s a pretty cool effect and with the secondary blue it instantly makes me think she is in some metropolitan hotel with a neon sign out the window. Overall it’s something you should be proud about, trying something new is always a great step towards growth.

    For some reason I thought she was going to have underwear on, like panties or something like that. I was wondering why you didn’t add them during one of your streams but I guess she wasn’t supposed to have them. Still I like it alot.

  2. emi says:

    It’s done! It’s done! And it’s lookin’ pretty luscious, EU! Now that you’ve learned some new tricks, I hope to see you apply them in your future pieces. :3

    If I could make a comment though, I think the contrast with the setting and her are conflicting a bit? The light seems to be coming from all around her, but mostly from the direction she is facing. Then on the other hand the room seems to be pretty dark (especially at her right leg, the contrast with the sheets strikes me a little). I understand that you worked on the backdrop at the end (and I think it really fits the mood), but I still feel like if it was much darker on her right and instead relying on the blue coming from the outside, the atmosphere would be just that much more suiting. ^^ Her belly button should be a little higher too I think but I don’t know why I didn’t notice+say anything earlier. ;__;

    Sorry for post length orz

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