Very unladylike

Larger resolution here.

Actually, I think I made her more womanly than she usually does.
I kind of screwed up this one since I drew a bit too big, meaning the pen I was using turned out to be a bit too small, though I didn’t realize this until about halfway through. Her clothes and pose also forced my lines to bunch up a bit, so it’s not as smooth as Jam from yesterday.

Who to draw next…

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I like horns.
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6 Responses to Very unladylike

  1. Hamblasto says:

    Baiken? More like Belldandy!

    …sort of. :T

  2. chrispylays says:

    It is a bit strange to see a feminine Baiken, and you using a different pen. It’s still great nonetheless. I’m hoping to see you color each of the characters ;_;. I vote for you to draw Valentine next (the one from the crappyish GG2).

  3. lazer 22 says:

    you would draw one of the GG girls that hadnt even come to mind…Gotta say id love to see this version in the next game lol.

  4. DrewMuch says:

    Definitely not upper class lady like…=P

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