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Treat or Treat

So i guess this is her dressing up as a…demon? I don’t know how to design it better. Something is totally throwing off the pose though; I need to sleep on it.

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Beyond the Bounds

About half a year ago, I was approached by the firm handling the North American marketing and materials for Zone of the Enders HD. I was asked to deliver roughs that they could potentially use for the collection. At the … Continue reading

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Being “lazy”

I didn’t want to draw anything new, so I went back and colored this one in. The face looks a bit odd, since it’s got really harsh values in comparison to the rest of the body. I kind of botched … Continue reading

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Worst Miku

Short twintails? More like terrible. I am constantly reminded of my inability to draw anything well, sigh.

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What am I doing

I dunno lol. This is even more unfinished than the previous one. I still have to do one more, and class is tomorrow…

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Sometimes, it’s not nice to have guests

Planned to get work done today, but was completely ruined by some family event thing. I tried to do what I could tonight, and also scribbled out a Parace, since apparently there’s a new Arcana Heart 3. Hooray. Oh yeah, … Continue reading

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This is Luka

Just kidding. I stole junkpuyo’s coloring again. But yeah, I never drew Sonico before, but the stream suggested her, and it turned out to be not a bad idea…sort of. Lots of pain was still involved. Back to homework tomorrow!

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