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Treat or Treat

So i guess this is her dressing up as a…demon? I don’t know how to design it better. Something is totally throwing off the pose though; I need to sleep on it.

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Beyond the Bounds

About half a year ago, I was approached by the firm handling the North American marketing and materials for Zone of the Enders HD. I was asked to deliver roughs that they could potentially use for the collection. At the … Continue reading

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Being “lazy”

I didn’t want to draw anything new, so I went back and colored this one in. The face looks a bit odd, since it’s got really harsh values in comparison to the rest of the body. I kind of botched … Continue reading

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Worst Miku

Short twintails? More like terrible. I am constantly reminded of my inability to draw anything well, sigh.

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What am I doing

I dunno lol. This is even more unfinished than the previous one. I still have to do one more, and class is tomorrow…

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Sometimes, it’s not nice to have guests

Planned to get work done today, but was completely ruined by some family event thing. I tried to do what I could tonight, and also scribbled out a Parace, since apparently there’s a new Arcana Heart 3. Hooray. Oh yeah, … Continue reading

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This is Luka

Just kidding. I stole junkpuyo’s coloring again. But yeah, I never drew Sonico before, but the stream suggested her, and it turned out to be not a bad idea…sort of. Lots of pain was still involved. Back to homework tomorrow!

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Just spent most of my free time today on homework. It’s totally not done, though. It’s also the first time I’m working with Photoshop. It’s kind of making sense, but it’s also frustrating to endlessly fiddle with the brushes and … Continue reading

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EU03: what to draw for halloween

AksysJames: rachel with huge breasts EU03: well EU03: wait what I unabashedly stole junkpuyo’s palette and coloring, but didn’t do a very good job at it; I’m sorry. I’ll do a proper Halloween thing later, though.

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How do I Dan Kim

I dunno lol Insert comment about having crippling self-doubt and the inability to update. Well, I’m already mostly there! I’m kidding, Dan Kim is great. :3

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