Something easy

I decided to go back and just do another quick sketch. This went down fairly easily, and in my defense, I haven’t drawn any of them just doing a standing pose.

I probably won’t draw any more Guilty Gear stuff for like another five years or something.

Reminder: There is a formal stream tomorrow night starting at 8PM PST. I’ve marked it on the Medical Whiskey calendar as well, so you can use that to keep track. This will be finally replacing the really crappy Sunday scheduled streams, so count on dropping by on Wednesday nights from now (granted that I can fix my sleeping schedule).

About EU03

I like horns.
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3 Responses to Something easy

  1. lazer 22 says:


    strangely i like…

  2. Hamblasto says:

    This seems a bit more Dizzy-ish. -_-b

    It feels weird having regular streams on a weekday.

  3. chrispylays says:

    B-but the feathers for the wings!

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