Can you guess the country of origin?

I was catching up on sleeping, working on homework, some private things, and so I did a light sketch of some tanks. Can hardly be considered a study, but I need to learn how to draw them really soon for…something.

About EU03

I like horns.
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6 Responses to Tanks

  1. Hamblasto says:

    Iunno. Orange Star? Green Earth?

  2. rinka555 says:

    God I hate Hetzer’s…

  3. lazer 22 says:

    glad to see someone else watched Girls und Panzer 🙂

  4. flaedlesupp says:

    folks srsly; thats a jagdpanzerIV and a jagdpanzer 1(right)
    i dare say you play world of tanks

  5. NKato says:

    Girls und Panzer, huh? 🙂 And no, that wasn’t a Hetzer. That’s a Stug III.

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