Beyond the Bounds


About half a year ago, I was approached by the firm handling the North American marketing and materials for Zone of the Enders HD. I was asked to deliver roughs that they could potentially use for the collection. At the time, it was very intimidating since I really wanted to do something impressive, but that would also mean I would possibly take the responsibility of representing ZOE HD.

The main challenge was trying to come up with a cover that managed to represent both of the games, since the two have very different plots…I also didn’t play the first one. I ended up mostly focusing on the second game, since Viola was a recurring villian, and Leo was less of a punk.

No, they weren’t used in the end, but it was a worthwhile experience.

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I like horns.
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9 Responses to Beyond the Bounds

  1. chrispylays says:

    It looks so good though ;_; What a shame.

  2. muge says:

    >Zone of Enders ever

  3. Wow the fact that they even approached you is awesome. I’d use it ;o

  4. lazer 22 says:

    i am both shocked an amazed by this! Like everyone else its awesome they gave you a shot and i do like how all these look. Its a big (but welcomed) departure from what im used to seeing you draw

    • Alandra Johnston says:

      I so agree. This is so amazing. I was mind blown when I saw this and instantly loved it. I’m so glad you got to experience and get the chance to do this.

  5. asortofcolorfag says:

    Still pretty damn nice! I love the Zone of Enders series, and it’s pretty awesome that you at least got a chance to do work on something for the series.
    Hope you consider finish this for someday, I would use it as an alternative cover for my copy of ZOE HD!

  6. JI says:

    I heard the collection sucks. It doesn’t even get past 30 fps!
    Better you’re not attached to a sub-par product.

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