Treat or Treat

So i guess this is her dressing up as a…demon? I don’t know how to design it better.

Something is totally throwing off the pose though; I need to sleep on it.

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I like horns.
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2 Responses to Treat or Treat

  1. it’s her left leg is going down too unnaturally, probably. with the positioning, it’d naturally be tilting more to the bottom left that straight down… and raised up higher in general first before bending down…
    alternatively, just making it mirror the other leg in potion (higher, knee bent downwards) could also make sense. basically it looks like the (unseen) knee on her left leg is too straight. if it was more like a / above the knee instead of a | it’s look more natural. as it is her ass cheeks would be bisecting each other lol (yes I just tried to recreate this pose lol)

  2. lazer 22 says:

    juli nailed it when i looked at it it was the first thing i noticed was that leg. Id also show the right arm a bit more then just having the hand drapped over her waist OR have it coming down like the left hand (which is what i thought when i first saw the pose) otherwise its a challenging and interesting pose!

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