Best character in Darkstalkers


Morrigan? More like overrated.
Sorry for those who had to watch me rage and struggle in the stream today! I guess Jedah is pretty Halloween. The Midnight Bliss version is pretty great, but the normal design is one of the most badass designs from a fighter, no contest.

Hnnngh, those eyebrows.

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I like horns.
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3 Responses to Best character in Darkstalkers

  1. Hamblasto says:

    Hey, come on now. Morrigan may be overrated, but that doesn’t necessarily make her bad.

    That said, I prefer Lilith despite lack of breasts.

  2. Cael says:

    I like all the women in Darkstalkers, but honestly, Jedah is the hottest one. Also, please draw more MB Jedah!

    • Cael says:

      Or you could just color this one if you don’t feel like drawing a new one. Not that you have to do either!! It’s just that it would be awesome.

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