Couldn’t finish on time

So here’s a cropped picture to piss everyone off.

I gotta do homework tomorrow…might pick up Halo 4, too!

About EU03

I like horns.
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3 Responses to Couldn’t finish on time

  1. Hamblasto says:

    >Halo 4


    Real talk? I seriously love the way you do skin.

  2. ShelledMenace says:

    Jesus I am pissed. I want the top.

  3. Charlie says:

    I’ve been checking your blog daily for over a year now, and I really admire your work. You’ve inspired me to incorporate beautiful females in my own art. I keep wondering; Is there any way to see your work uncensored? You seem reluctant to show your pictures unedited, and I don’t think you should be. Anyway, your women are sexy and beautiful, no matter how self-deprecating you are. Thanks for working and posting as diligently as you do.

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