Just out of energy, out of time, and out of ideas.

Bleagh, the face does not look congruent with the rest of the body.

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I like horns.
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7 Responses to Out

  1. chrispylays says:

    The face is a bit off, but it’s still a damn nice drawing.

  2. Hamblasto says:

    I’m actually liking this style. Have you ever colored anything drawn this way?

  3. I don’t think there’s a problem with the face, being honest. I like this medium 🙂

  4. ToruMasuta says:

    Asagi, you can be my Main Character anytime.

    There’s something about the smile that’s unusually cute that’s especially brought out by the eyes. You don’t typically see that attention to detail in most anime-based art–the smile is there to convey one of four or so emotions, without any play between them. Here, it’s as if she’s got her mouth open slightly and she’s biting her lip just a bit, like she’d just been laughing. Or maybe I’m seeing too much in a sketch. Maybe.

  5. Prinny says:

    Dood. You want ideas?
    Go here: http://hijiribe.donmai.us/data/c98d04320fc86b229c7935ffe1f39f02.jpg
    Then get drawing Madoka Magicka, adult years versions.
    Chop chop.

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