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Muscle memory

Actually, this was completely inked, but I accidentally deleted it in a fit of a remnant muscle memory from my old job where I was flipping through hundreds of files and closing them without saving. Anyway, it’s one of Junk’s … Continue reading

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She looks tired

I wonder why. I’m tired as well, having spent the night out again. I’ll have to do the same tomorrow, too, so can’t really devote to thumbnails until later next week.

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More scribbles

Unwillingly wasted my day today, so I didn’t work nearly as much as I wanted. I don’t know what I feel about the handful of thumbnails, so I’m just hoping something sticks as I do these. I still need to … Continue reading

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I spent several hours today just doing research and shoveling out some shapes for a personal environmental design project. Nothing really spectacular, but I’m just retracing my steps from the class I recently took. I guess I’ll try to develop … Continue reading

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Screw drawing clothes

They’re overrated, anyway. I’ll never draw Asagi successfully… I should finish that Labrys, though.

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It’s your birthday, Noel

But no one remembered it… Protip: Don’t go to the theater on Christmas Day.

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Happy Christmas

She doesn’t look pleased. I hope everyone got what they wanted. I got Flubber on VHS.

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Then I’ll just draw something no one likes

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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Proving that she’s a real girl

Spoilers: She’s a robot. I should probably finish P4A sometime…but I say that about every game I don’t ever finish.

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Crotch blade

Eh, probably the least successful pose out of the three. I also really dislike drawing that hair. I think I need to take a step back and try something different tomorrow. However, I still want to draw the kunoichi from … Continue reading

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