Announcing the King of Thanksgiving

Well, it’s been overly delayed since I was not expecting to have some things rough up my schedule. But after careful consideration, I have finally made my decision after conferring to a panel of judges.

Mike D., with “Apologies to J. Seward Johnson”, seemed to be the favorite, and I felt it stood out the most. It might have been a bit advantageous to actually be around a freaking gigantic hand, but Mike sure made use of that. Hopefully he wasn’t stopped for defacing city property.

This was a very hard choice to make, since I thought everyone had really excellent entries; all were outstanding for their own unique reasons. So it’d be a shame to not show the rest of them, which can be seen after the jump!

Aeror sure knows how to test my limits of the NSFW rule with “Turkeys are 2lewd4me”.

Kudos to Muge for being able to stuff multiple references in “A Certain Phallic Hand Turkey”.

“At the Birdhouse”

“Day of the Dead Turkey”

“In the Park”


“Space Turkey”

“The Marionette”

Carolyn Watson Dubisch submitted a whopping SIX entries for the contest, all of them rather intelligent and creative. “In the Park” was my favorite.

Chrispylays knows how to get dirty with his food and MSPaint with his “Wild Hand Turkey in Natural Habitat”.

HurricaneHarvey also submitted multiple entries; the one composed of food was made of no less than ten ingredients. I’m pretty hungry after looking at it…

Enki’s “Need a Hand With That Turkey?” is subtly creepy and unnerving. Good job!

Expiredmilk’s “Turkey in the Valley of Hue” just wants to be a pretty magical princess.

Florn’s “Wild Handurky” is disturbingly realistic-looking. Also, props to him for sending his entry in the first!

Hamadyne’s “Shall We” already crossed the nightmare fuel border a long time ago.

Hamblasto really knows me all too well with his “Double Peace Hand Turkeys”.

I can’t tell if Lolimaiko’s “I Should Be Cooking Dinner” is supposed to be hilarious, slightly offensive, or both.

Panties’ entry was clever. Maybe slightly too clever.

I had to force myself to start breathing after I noticed that Boota was a goddamn foot in puddlesoccer’s “ターキー突破グレンラズ”.

Shmarah had me on a nostalgia trip with her sparkly-looking “Amelia Bedelia the Hand Turkey”. I guess Amelia Bedelia was pretty moe in her own right.

XPISigma’s “GBBL Mobile Base Unit” makes you wonder what engineer would actually design a weapon out of a hand turkey.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Maybe I’ll have another go at this next year!

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7 Responses to Announcing the King of Thanksgiving

  1. Hamblasto says:

    If I knew the entries were gonna be like this, I probably would have put more effort into mine. ; _ ;


    Anywho, figure out what the winner’s gonna get?

  2. mmm carpet says:

    I wish my park had giant metallic hands, we only have giant metallic feet. Oh well.

  3. chrispylays says:

    I knew I should’ve bought a whole Butterball turkey and shoved my hand up it’s hole.

  4. ma5h says:

    Wow, really nice hand turkeys there!

  5. Alandra Johnston says:

    Oh my god their so amazing!!!!!! I had no idea that they were going to look like that! Thats so creative and unique! I really liked “Day of the Dead Turkey”, whoever did that one was amazing

  6. Florn says:

    Damn those are some awesome entries. I like “In the Park” the best.

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