Happy Christmas

She doesn’t look pleased.

I hope everyone got what they wanted.
I got Flubber on VHS.

About EU03

I like horns.
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7 Responses to Happy Christmas

  1. Hamblasto says:

    There’s no Haku under my tree.

    I’m gonna get that jolly red bastard…

  2. Dark Klade says:

    Merry Xmas EU, I hope you enjoy Flubber on VHS, if you don’t I’m sure you can trade it for Patch Adams or something.

  3. ma5h says:

    Merry Christmas EU03, thanks for a year of awesome horn filled drawings.

  4. lazer 22 says:

    thanks eu best art gift ever!

  5. kikimaru024 says:

    At least you can always unwrap Tsunoko.
    Merry Christmas, here’s to you Mr. Artist.

  6. TOLLMASTER says:

    Someone should upload this to Gelbooru.

    …because she’s made of gel.

    It’s hard to imagine how a Flubber-filled girl would work. Flubber makes things bounce, right? You’d go in for some skinship time and find yourself flung out the window. Kinda like dating a tsundere.

    If you like Flubber, then know that it’s actually a remake. Yeah, there’s an earlier Disney version of Flubber that someone saw and said, holy mother of fuck, this needs to be remade. With Robin Williams.

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