Screw drawing clothes

They’re overrated, anyway.
I’ll never draw Asagi successfully…

I should finish that Labrys, though.

About EU03

I like horns.
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4 Responses to Screw drawing clothes

  1. JunkPuyo says:

    Draw all mai waifus.

  2. Hamblasto says:

    She has nice armpit hair.

  3. ma5h says:

    That looks bad for her back!

  4. Toru Masuta says:

    When you’re level 2000, you don’t gotta worry about your back. Any pose, even those poses you see on American comic books, is possible. This is the true nature of power.

    EU03 I honestly feel you’ve done too good a job with Asagi here. You’ve created Supermodel Asagi, perhaps Perfect Girlfriend Asagi, but Asagi is Asagi because she’s got Asagi-moe. She needs to look like she could ALMOST be a main character but at the same time she needs to look not nearly sexy enough to ever hope to be one. There’s just a bit of frumpiness to her that someone as good at drawing curves as you can’t emulate too well. As a Creator, you could not endow your Creation with anything less than perfection. Your hands would rebel, and crawl away like Thing from The Addams Family.

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