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It’s not for me

Pretty lazy coloring job (not really), and it still looks pretty messy. I’ll chalk it up to a lack of contrast. I was just going to two-tone it, but got carried away, so I didn’t really plan the palette well. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday again

I guess it’s her birthday today, so I drew her completely clothed for the occasion. Bunch of anatomy errors and inconsistencies here, though. I’d do better, but I give up for now.

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Finally getting around to doing gesture studies, meaning working the complete opposite of how I usually work. These were around five to ten minutes each, and only focusing on the silhouettes and redundant forms. It still feels really stiff, so … Continue reading

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Awareness for breast cancer

(and Skullgirls) Larger resolution here. Finally fulfilled my obligation for this. Remember that you can still donate until the end of this month at Last I checked, Melee is still ahead by 1,500 USD, so let’s close the gap!

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You’ve all heard this a million times now, but there’s less than a week left for the donation drive for the 8th slot for Evo 2013! Skullgirls was riding for top spot for a bit until Super Smash Bros. Melee … Continue reading

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I spent ten dollars at the arcade

Ten dollars in arcade tokens is sixteen credits worth of IIDX. Each session is about 15 minutes long (if I don’t fail any of the stages). That’s four hours of IIDX. I drew these while waiting for my turns. It … Continue reading

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Baden Baden

Maybe it is BlazBlue week after all. I wanted to draw Ragna, too, so I could title the post “OTP”, but maybe for another time.

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More proportions

Spent a long while on today’s stream drawing very slowly to work on these. Not only am I not used to proprotioning with this style, inking like this makes me three times as slow. Who to do next (if anyone … Continue reading

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Going back on this style and still making tweaks to the proportions. Doing lineart like this is bringing back the old OCD tendencies; I’ve made three revisions to the drawing since I started writing this post. Maybe I’ll try doing … Continue reading

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I was defeated by Marie’s tsundere personality and I died a little inside. I’m almost done with Persona 4 Golden; I think it was pretty worthwhile to replay it since I finished it when it first came out. The enormous … Continue reading

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