Finally getting around to doing gesture studies, meaning working the complete opposite of how I usually work. These were around five to ten minutes each, and only focusing on the silhouettes and redundant forms. It still feels really stiff, so I’m probably missing something.

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5 Responses to Lazy

  1. Hamblasto says:

    I know what you’re feeling about things coming out stiff. If you ever figure out what that missing something is, tell me. D:

  2. aeror404 says:

    They’re pretty good, and you only used a few lines! Did you build up the form with guidelines or anything or just went with as is? I’m trying to learn to do gestures and improve my figures but I’m not very consistent, so I fear I’m not doing something right.

    • EU03 says:

      Next to no guidelines were used. The purpose of the exercise was to work on being able to loosely capture gesture through blocks, rather than focusing on proportion and form. Since I’ve been working on proportion for so long, I’m able to eyeball it quickly at this point; I didn’t really count heads or anything.
      You can still give a sense of depth to the gestures by adding in a few landmarks, such as the collarbones, pectorals/breasts, navel, and pelvis.

      • aeror404 says:

        Ah, being able to eyeball the proportions? That’s a pretty nifty skill to pick up. It seems really tough to use few lines though, almost as if you stared at the gesture for a while and had some going-overs and undos until the lines were right.

        Do you think you would have become more scribbly if you had timed yourself to do a more rushed gesture, like two minutes?

    • EU03 says:

      Also, when I mean loose, I don’t mean to work fast and scribbly. Line economy was also a focal point here. Straight lines give direction and intent, and I tried to keep most of my lines connected to keep things coherent.

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