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Doing some rough 3-point perspective work for class. It’s got a lot of distortion, since I left the vanishing point too close, but I was lazy about not opening the canvas, which is easily the most annoying thing about doing … Continue reading

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Let’s try this again

I noticed some people reposting the Eliza I drew previously a lot, and it’s embarrassingly bad. So here’s a new one, but I also think it’s a bad drawing, so what gives! Maybe I’ll just draw Feng.

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Worst manga ever

We are all under the grip of Togashi’s shenanigans. I kind of miss going to figure drawing.

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We did it aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

Thanks you guys so much for making a Skullgirls a thing! We hit our 825,000 USD goal so now we have a lot of characters being added to the roster in the future. I drew some of the possible next … Continue reading

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Posting from Salty Cupcakes

Here’s a crappy sketch from location because I don’t know how to draw in Photoshop. Hey guys, we have less than twenty-four hours left for the Skullgirls crowdfunding drive, so be sure to chip in if you haven’t yet! If … Continue reading

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Homework is to be done at home.

And I’m doing it slowly. Added a second tone and highlights to this painting to establish depth. It might help to add a tertiary one, but I think it’s good where it is.

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Tanks a lot

Yes, someone just had to say it today. I was at Tank Land, a military museum around here, for a class field trip. It’s a pretty neat place with a lot of tanks and vehicles; it’s worth a look (and … Continue reading

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What am I doing

The face is very hard to resolve. I most likely drew the base badly, and it won’t be easily salvaged with the render. Time to sleep somewhat on time for once for class tomorrow.

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Goddamn connection

Internet pooped the bed again today, so here’s some homework from my phone. Tanks are pretty hard to draw, but planes are harder.

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I can’t draw for people

Today’s drawing is for graphiteknight’s birthday. Unfortunately, it is really bad and not fitting for a gift. I’m so sorry. D:

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