We did it aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

Thanks you guys so much for making a Skullgirls a thing! We hit our 825,000 USD goal so now we have a lot of characters being added to the roster in the future.
I drew some of the possible next characters up during our stream for the countdown, so be sure to vote when it goes up!

Here’s a larger image, if you’re so inclined

Edit: Also, I’d like to make mention that I will not be making the regular streams from my normal livestream account for about a month. I’m pretty busy with classes and Skullgirls, but I’ll still stream for the Lab Zero channel on twitch when I see it’s appropriate.

About EU03

I like horns.
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6 Responses to We did it aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  1. chrispylays says:

    You should announce your 1 month break from LiveStream BibleThump

  2. Hamblasto says:

    That Venus is clearly the hottest one you drew. :V

  3. M. Bison says:

    Sweet! I went to bed before the campaign ended. I was gonna increase my contribution from $36 to $56, but Indiegogo doesn’t let you do that in an automated way, and I bet Peter was more than slightly busy manually upgrading people who PM’d him.

  4. Kuso says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to play it on PC. Keep up the good work!

  5. tsacc says:

    That’s great! You should do a full body pic for Scythana. You drew her cuter than anyone I’ve ever seen.

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