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Just doing some more environment stuff. This one was slightly more successful than the last, so I might follow up on this one and clean it up later.

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Maybe I have a thing for ninjas

What other ones are out there? All I can think of are the kunoichi from Disgaea, Mai, and Ayane. Once again trying out iterations of the same pose before I can nail it down. The breasts totally throw the perspective … Continue reading

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Go faster

I already reached a point where I wanted to stop working on this several hours ago, but I decided to press on. The lighting is still kind of wonky and so are the colors, but at least I figured out … Continue reading

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Needed to do some environments, so I did. I was actually going to make a purchase on the Cintiq today. However, the website that was tax-free in my state had them sold out. The other site that had them has … Continue reading

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Someone give me 2500USD

I tried out Richard’s Cintiq (21UX) today for a bit and doled something out fairly quickly. I didn’t get to color anything with it, but what immediately mattered to me was that I could sketch a lot faster since I … Continue reading

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You guys are still going to read that the other way. I don’t feel I’m still being successful with my painting techniques, but it’s better than it has been. So that counts as progress? Still failing to incorporate enough hard … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you run out of titles

I’m not feeling very happy about things as of late. I’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluation (more so than usual), so I guess that’s sort of natural to feel that way. As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of … Continue reading

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This isn’t official

Or something. I needed to practice painting again, since something urgent is coming up soon. I pulled up the previous Eliza sketch I did and figured it’d be ok for practice, especially since I don’t often render darker skin. I … Continue reading

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Waste of time

I don’t know what the hell I’ve been doing in the last six years. Though to be honest, the comparison is a bit unfair, accounting on what I spent probably hours on back then and about thirty minutes now.

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Whose idea was this

I was out most of the day; have a crummy scribble. Today’s meeting made me realize that we have to draw about two hundred postcards for Skullgirls… I hope you don’t expect too much from me!

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