Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep

So I decided to take a step back and really re-examine the way I approached painting. I think I was sort of successful, but also unsuccessful as well.

I’ve lately been very detail-oriented and stressing a lot about the polish, but I’ve been neglecting establishing a good color read at the beginning. My current coloring is very flat and very uninteresting to look at, despite the definition of the forms I give it.
I went back on some of the older paint techniques that I used to use to get back some of the quality that I missed from my older colors. This attempt still has a kind of crappy color layout, but I held myself back and used much broader strokes then I’ve been using before. It also probably helped a lot that I already had planned an advanced value read ahead of time; there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is obviously not finished and needs more work and fixing of the palette. I think I can be successful once I manage to progress past the initial strokes and then start to implement the higher level of polish that I’ve been practicing lately.

About EU03

I like horns.
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