Ya’ll need to have more discerning tastes.

Too bad this series will probably never be revived.

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I like horns.
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4 Responses to Sorceress-who?

  1. lazer 22 says:

    when i saw the title i thought it was dragon crowns sorceress but then i saw it was BoFs…still boobs are boobs 🙂

    (but seriously id love to see your take on her)

  2. veloxiraptor says:

    Oh wow, it’s Bleu!

    Just needs a bit moar tail. :d

  3. Ruins72 says:

    O.O i wish i could draw like that…

    also do you plan on drawing more skullgirls art? I’d love to see Cerebella and Venus in your style!

  4. Robuttlust says:

    Bleu, forever mai waifu. I miss you, BoF 😦

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