Someone give me 2500USD

I tried out Richard’s Cintiq (21UX) today for a bit and doled something out fairly quickly. I didn’t get to color anything with it, but what immediately mattered to me was that I could sketch a lot faster since I had a much better sense of scale with the canvas. Inking was still a problem, but that’s just inking for me in general (need to slow down the strokes). But the most important thing was that I felt no immediate issues or problems while working on the Cintiq. People complain about the supposed lag, the heat, or calibration issues, but I was completely oblivious to anything like that.

I’m leaning pretty heavily now towards buying it, but 2500USD for a 24HD is still a pretty big investment. However, I’ve been using a tablet for almost nine or ten years at this point, and I’m not sure if I can get any more precise or efficient with it anymore (I probably can, though). Going back to work on traditional media from my classes did give me back the desire to have more control with my digital works, and my instructors and industry friends all say it’s a damn good investment to make as an artist.

I do realize that a Cintiq does not automatically make a better artist, and I think a lot of people have that misconception, too. I just strongly suggest to give it a test run before even thinking about buying it; I tried one few years ago and immediately hated the experience.

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10 Responses to Someone give me 2500USD

  1. Dark Klade says:

    I think it’s a good idea, especially considering your work and what you would like to do with your artistic abilities/skills. It’s not like your buying a 2500 Dollar camera because you like photos of your pet cat for fun, you’re investing in an instrument to continue your artistic growth (translate into something less douchy if necessary). I say have a few more trials on a Cintiq to see if you like it, possibly open up some commission slots, nothing to taxing and then buy a Cintiq if all goes according to plan.

  2. If you could demo one out before you decided to buy, I’ve heard good things about the Yiynova MSP19U as a Cintiq alternative that only costs an arm rather than the whole torso (seven hundred bucks if I remember right). Of course, I ain’t exactly an artist and haven’t played around with either one, but it’s something to consider and it’d be worth checking both out to see what you think.

    • EU03 says:

      It looks like the digitizer is the same one as the one found in the Monoprice tablets. They are serviceable for the generic Photoshop work I did for my last job, but the drivers were slightly too spotty compared to the Wacom ones. Also, the lack of IPS and other general downgrades all sum up to a dealbreaker for me. However, it does look like a great alternative display if I needed a second one for a different workplace. The price is really tempting, too.
      I do feel like since Wacom is industry-standard (for a good reason, too), they totally can have whichever price they want for their upper end products, much like Apple or any other consumer luxury brand.

  3. M. Bison says:

    Commissions sound like a good a good idea.

  4. lazer 22 says:

    ive seen alot of artist say that the cintiq is a good investment as well and i even had a chance to get an older model one myself but passed since im still trying to get past some hurdles myself. Its good to hear that it made that big an impact on you tho!

  5. zeh_turtle says:

    Think about how much faster you can get work done. You’re serious enough about art, time to save up! I want to get one but I need to save up for a better desktop first. ;_;

  6. NKato says:

    I recommend the 13HD if you feel like you can’t afford dropping $2500 on the 24HD or 22HD.

    The 13HD, combined with an HDMI-output (or DisplayPort) laptop, lets you pretty much do your work anywhere. It’s pretty comfy.

  7. fwocvr says:

    and presto it is a girl with a penis.

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