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Still being lazy

Catching up on work today still, so here’s a quick “color” on yesterday’s Caster after doing a messy value study. I’d still like to properly color it when I have the time.

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I am lazy

Just pretty exhausted right now, so I drew the new figure of Caster as a quick exercise. Probably make for something to color later, as well. I still haven’t finished Fate/Extra because I’ve been using Caster, and she dies in … Continue reading

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Gross miscalculations

Still working on this thing, and still cursing at myself for not being a better painter. What small number of people voted for the book was a majority of yes votes. I’ll see what this means about being able to … Continue reading

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Buy my (potential) book

She’s holding a book I’ve been considering again about printing a book. It’d be drawings from the blog, but in finer resolution, with possibly some new material. I can’t use the old layout from last year, so I’ll have to … Continue reading

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Back to bed

I slept for about 9 hours and I only got up to do this. Good night.

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I have to go

Drew this in five minutes because I’ll be out for more than a day. Don’t miss me too much.

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These were surprisingly pretty annoying to render. I have one, which was useful for reference, though I had to improvise the lighting to make it look better.

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