Just stop it

Been playing Disgaea 3 on my Vita (no I don’t have PS+).
This actually marks the first time I’ve reached the level 2k since I got an early strong monster item. I’ve been plowing through with a strong Succubus and stole a legendary Trapezohedron from a DLC character. I think I’ll stop after I beat regular Baal and the last of the new chapters, though.

I don’t like drawing Asagi because her hair is surprisingly hard to draw. Harada designed it with certain subtle contours, and if you don’t draw them in properly, then it doesn’t look like her at all.
Attempted to ink something on the Cintiq for the first time. I’m still slow and bad with it, but the additional control did make things a bit easier; it’s a learning process.

About EU03

I like horns.
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2 Responses to Just stop it

  1. zeh_turtle says:

    What did you do to her? Why is she crying?

  2. ToruMasuta says:

    Urgh, still haven’t finished Disgaea 3 or even started 4, despite owning both. Hope the PS3 gets a price cut as soon as the PS4 comes out, I guess? I was hoping it’d be down to the end-of-lifespan $99 price like the last gen systems were.

    Don’t cry, Asagi. You’ll get your own game.


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