Buy my (potential) book

She’s holding a book

I’ve been considering again about printing a book. It’d be drawings from the blog, but in finer resolution, with possibly some new material.
I can’t use the old layout from last year, so I’ll have to spend time to make a new one.

I’d like to target about 64 pages and mostly in color, all in nice quality paper and binding. However, printing something like that on a small print run (50-100) is not very cheap and usually not a smart idea. I would have to gauge interest to see how many I can potentially sell, and then run that number to something I can fit into my budget.
I would love to try to sell it for an affordable price (20 USD), but it’s very likely that I’d have to run it for more than 25 USD if I can’t drum up enough potential sales. This isn’t even considering logistics if I try to do online sales.

So please, let me know if you want to see a book from me this year by doing the poll!

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I like horns.
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9 Responses to Buy my (potential) book

  1. Hamblasto says:

    Only if you have a Miku version of this at your table to whore it out:

  2. M. Bison says:

    Kickstarter or Indiegogo for raising money to do an online print run? Please say yes :3

  3. lDopeboyl says:

    i would :3
    but i dont have something like paypal and stuff like dat v.v

  4. ma5h says:

    A book would be great but it would have to include the ability for intercontinental postage as I live in cheery old blighty.

  5. Dickleston says:

    And most of these images will be sketchlike in quality as is the norm on this blog. Uh, no thanks. Save your money for something more meaningful.

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