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Himecut is hard to draw

I was just attempting some really rough pose construction, and I did not want to clean up. So I did the next best thing: cover everything in black. It seems pointless sometimes to execute a pose and only to douse … Continue reading

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More Xiaomu

I was fairly unimaginative today, so I drew Xiaomu again. I just barfed up a really quick sketch to get back into working on paper again. If I want to do commissions at AX this year, I figure I should … Continue reading

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I’m playing Project X Zone. It’s a dumb, a bit shallow, and fan service-filled game, but it’s still fun, and I’m enjoying it. I really do like Xiaomu, though! Her personality and voice is what gets me. I actually enjoy … Continue reading

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Guess who

Being extremely exhausted today from attempting to reset my sleep schedule, I just did the thing where I drew characters from memory without reference. I was pretty close to some of these! And now I sleep.

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Ok, I lied

You can buy this as a print at Anime Expo! I’ll be sitting at B41 with a couple of friends, so stop by if you are going. Here’s the final of that Tharja print. I worked my butt off in … Continue reading

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Ring things

Probably the last time I post progress on this drawing since it’s practically done (aside from a few issues I need to sleep on). Since I am incredibly OCD about keeping things accurate as I can, I decided to try … Continue reading

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I can’t feel anything

Too tired to continue working, too strung up to fall asleep. I got not as much as I hoped to finish today, but I think I have a good shot at finishing by tomorrow or Tuesday. I only have the … Continue reading

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Bloom like it’s 2006

Maybe a quick print? Depends on how much I can get done by Tuesday. I still need prep the other materials, too. I’m trying to not care as much about my strokes and gradients so I can finish this one … Continue reading

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Pose invention

Someone kill me.

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Public Service Announcement

If you see a friend or a loved one performing these actions, please notify the authorities immediately. This is big pet peeve of mine, because I see even experienced artists still not able to draw a bra or bikini top … Continue reading

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