I forgot about AX


A thumbnail or something for a Fire Emblem print (?), but I don’t know if I’m feeling it or not. I might just trash it.

Meanwhile, I have no new content for Anime Expo this year, so I’m scrambling to think of something that I could sell. I decided on Fire Emblem, but I’d like to make another print, but I’m not sure what. I don’t watch or read anything new lately, so I’m down to mostly games and older series that I’m familiar with.

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I like horns.
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8 Responses to I forgot about AX

  1. Hamblasto says:

    Would Eva be popular? Specifically the character designs fron the third movie?

  2. Dark Klade says:

    Eva and possibly that Attack on Titan show may be a good ideas, along with the Fire Emblem I mean.

  3. Apeman says:

    Have you ever thought of drawing comic characters from Marvel or DC. You still could use your style of drawing to brath life into the character. Plus you may get the attention of the European/ American market. Just my idea, though.

    On the other hand you could try to pick characters from games that are more popular (international). I am thinking of games like Tekken, Resident Evil, Soul Calibur or Assassins Creed (you could make a female version of Ezio for example) just to name some of them.

    Just mean to push your creativity a little 😉

  4. veloxiraptor says:

    Even if you decide not to finish this one, I still think you should do a Lucina image ❤

    Possibly something from the Fate universe?

  5. ittoujuu says:

    Fire Emblem Awakening has been very popular this year, so some art of its popular guys and gals would probably go over well, whereas old FE chars would probably be niche sellers at best (excepting Marth/Ike/Roy, who have Smash Bros. fame). I recall you did a Tharja pic a while back; maybe you can re-imagine that, or continue developing it out. Henry also seems pretty well-liked (maybe it’s that ol’ fashioned black magic). If all else fails, you can just draw the characters in evening lounge wear and set them in a classy jazz club.

  6. BuffyYuna says:

    Dangan Ronpa is another series which has become insanely popular. you might want to look into doing something from that.

  7. Hetynne says:

    Where will you be located for AX? I need to go over and shake your hand.

    You can shake my left if you’d prefer.

    • EU03 says:

      I’ll be somewhere in the front, in the middle-ish?
      I shouldn’t be too hard to spot; I’ll put up more information when the time comes.

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