I’m all thumbs

I don’t know how to do thumbs.

None of these really feel spectacular to me. I guess 5 would be the most idea, but I might kill myself with the effort involved. Otherwise, I’m leaning towards 7 or 2.

Maybe 9 if I have time.

About EU03

I like horns.
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3 Responses to I’m all thumbs

  1. Hamblasto says:

    7’s pretty good but it feels like something is missing in the top right corner.

    When in doubt, you could always add the Sun. B)

  2. Apeman says:

    I’d stick to number 4 except with the lower person looking in the other direction and in a different angle

    there definetely much more dynamics involved than in (let’s say) 1 or 8. 1 would be fitting to show some gramps with his niece or something

  3. Apeman says:

    let me correct myself.
    A nice idea would be for picture 1 to keep the upper person like it is but change the lower part of the picture. I am thinking of a vampire/dark ruler who sends his/her familiars/subordinates into battle.
    There should be two persons/creatures at the lower part of the picture looking at the same direction like the upper one. You could show a familiar or something right under the vampire and part of a head (or another body part) of another familiar (maybe a little blurry because it is out of focus). This way the idea of a large dark army can be created. Additionally for this there could be some dark shades that are jumping or flying from roof to roof in the backround, roaming around in the moonlight. They could be of different kind (let the observer guess what dark creatures could hide behind the shadows of the night) 😉

    This would be a picture that tells some kind of a story
    Any other ideas?

    come on give him some input he can work with, guys 😀

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