E3 is tiring.

I guess I’m obligated to draw the new hotness.
I didn’t get to play it yet, though.

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I like horns.
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3 Responses to E3 is tiring.

  1. Hamblasto says:

    I wasn’t too hot on Bayonetta’s original hairstyle, but I don’t quite know how to feel about her new look.

    Gut says :/

    • zeh_turtle says:

      Get out you crazy! Original Bayonetta hairstyle is great. The new one is ugly.

      New Jeanne looks kinda good but she reminds me of the KoF guy that looks like a girl. Doesn’t help that her boobs are a bit on the small side.

      • DJAÚSÐR says:

        I find her short hair pretty awesome…
        The same for Jeanne, actually.
        I hope there will be an evolution in the gameplay, something to make the game less redundant than its predecessor… I wouldn’t ask much since it’s a kind of game who has all in the visuals, but still… It could be better.
        Why do I care, anyway, I won’t buy any of those consoles. Yet.

        Which KOF character are you talking about ? They almost all look like girls…
        (sounds like you’re talking about Ash Crimson, though)

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