Ok, I lied

You can buy this as a print at Anime Expo! I’ll be sitting at B41 with a couple of friends, so stop by if you are going.
Here’s the final of that Tharja print. I worked my butt off in the last couple of days to get this to the level I wanted, but not without the help of some friends.

Interestingly, I worked this in the opposite fashion of the Chrom/Lucina one. Whereas then I planned out my values first and painted everything on top, Tharja was done in my usual process of cleaning out the details first, then rendering it out. Though the end result looks sort of similar, there are noticeable differences. While Tharja is more polished and cleaner, Chrom/Lucina was easier to edit and paint on top of, since I didn’t need to worry about committing to inks.

In the end, I actually enjoyed working on this one. Though I settled for a simple pose, and Tharja’s design is extremely simple, it was really satisfying to render out that cape and play around with the particles and glowing effects.

About EU03

I like horns.
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3 Responses to Ok, I lied

  1. Apeman says:

    well that’s something you could definetely be proud of! Chin up, man 😉

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