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I’m done

No, I’m not joking. Recently, it’s been getting harder to bring myself to update every single day, especially since I’ve been having other things in my life pile up on me. While drawing for one year straight was a minor … Continue reading

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I watched The Wolverine today

I also drew a lot today. This is only a small chunk of what I did, actually. It was a pretty good film! Be sure to stay after the credits.

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I’ll admit I haven’t actually watched Utena yet. Just trying to barf out sketches for now. I’m hoping being looser will get me going.

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Everytime petitpanda reblogs me

…I get a disproportionate amount of notes. This isn’t actually finished, but I cleaned it up just enough so people think that it is. I don’t know if feel like finishing it, though. The proportions still weird me out. It’s … Continue reading

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Being non-committal

So I threw out about 2-3 hours of rendering after realizing no matter how much I was going to grind away, it wasn’t going to look better. Then I did a much better skin render in forty minutes. It was … Continue reading

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Kind of getting over my hump; I think just drawing a bunch of random designs did help. Fan art is nice and all, but it did make me stressed out. Eh. Also, I only noticed it looks like Curly about … Continue reading

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This is not how you design things. Sometimes, I wish I could not spend Tuesday nights out until past midnight, but I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

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I’m slowly dying

I need to do something about my issue with pose invention, or I’m going to go insane. Maybe I should flip through some books.

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No more cons

Just passed out immediately when I got back from SDCC last night, so here’s a late update. Comic Con was pretty fun, despite the insane crowds and the smell of vomit and urine on the streets in the morning. Also, … Continue reading

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I can’t feel my legs.

So I remembered that Comic Con is a lot of walking through an infinite sea of people. I’ll be back tomorrow evening, then I can return to holing up in my room for the weekends.

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