Pencils are fun

I’ve been sketching more during downtime, and I’ve been enjoying myself.

I really do like the Stranger design for Double. I’ve been drawing it a lot at the office.

Also, I guess that’s Blue Mary? I was drawing something original, but it looked a lot like from what I remember of Blue Mary, so I’m just going to assume I accidentally drew her.

About EU03

I like horns.
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3 Responses to Pencils are fun

  1. Apeman says:

    Always good to get back to the basics. I love sketching on the couch best myself. Or I go outside / to the balcony with just my pencil equipped and some sheet of paper 🙂

  2. lazer 22 says:

    pretty much all i do is work in pencil. i envy you guys that can draw with a wacom…i just feel weird drawing with one..

  3. Apeman says:

    I tried it for some time and it felt awkward for me, too. But it is as always only a matter of practice how dumb it may sound. But I thought before learning all that stuff on the Wacom I had to be better with the pencil. I somehow feared to be good with Photoshop and the graphic tablet but not be able to draw anything with a “forking” graphite pencil :D. I am going to buy one though when I mastered everything on my list. Always looking forward to it

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